The God who Created you greatly desires a personal relationship with you!  

When we experience The Warning, it will undoubtedly be painful to fully appreciate all the ways throughout our lives we have missed opportunities to love our fellow brother and sisters.

In this realization, which is actually a wonderful grace, God is calling us to repentance.

Welcome to my blog where I explore Catholicism, the nature of God, and how to listen to God and develop a relationship with Him in our lives. 

Through daily practices and deliberate listening—a skill that can only be developed with hard work and time—we can build a relationship with God and understand what He's asking of us.

This is an especially critical skill in these coming years.  After the Warning, the media will try and convince us, through hypnosis and trickery, that the Warning is simply a hoax, and so attempt to lure people away from receiving this immense grace.   

My hope is that this blog helps people prepare for the Great Warning or Illumination of Conscience, and navigate all of the chaos and confusion that will take place after it.

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