Thursday, January 25, 2018

I was a little

surprised to see that Letterman has his own interview show on Netflix.  I mean, didn't this guy go though a rather high-profile retirement a few years ago for another other interview on one of those Networks?

In any event, seeing him lauded and so prominently presented--his first guest, in fact, will be Barack Obama--rang a little tone-deaf.

This is the guy who interrupted his live show several years back to inform the viewers that he didn't like being blackmailed and that he, a married man, had been having an ongoing affair with his twenty-something intern.  When you interrupt me to say that the affair was consensual, I'll hasten to add that Letterman is a powerful, wealthy, aging celebrity, and she a young, lowly intern.  

I don't think Letterman asked her permission before disclosed her sexual liaisons to millions of viewers.

How is it, in the current climate where men are getting the axe for simply being accused of similar behavior (they haven't acknowledged it themselves), that he's getting off scot-free?

Probably due to collective amnesia.  Given that we all knew about Bill Cosby's alleged rapes way back in the 90s but had to have Hannibul Burress remind us of them a few years ago, we simply have forgotten about Letterman's scandal, and it hasn't registered to the general public that perhaps he doesn't merit a spot in the limelight.

I mean, if Charlie Rose was canned......

Or, and this is really more to the point, it demonstrates that the media is fickle as fuck; and that this "time's up" movement isn't so genuine as it presents itself to be.  

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