Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Oscar Nominations

The Oscar Nominations came out today and my visceral reaction was: SNUB!  WTF, you mean Florida Project didn't get a Best Picture, Best Director, or Best Actress Nomination?  And NOTHING for James Franco??  Omg, his performance in The Disaster Artist deserved a WIN!

Upon reflection I realized how cool it is that Woody Harrelson was nominated.  He really showed up in a lot of movies this year--Glass Castle, Three Billboards and LBJ--and deserves an Oscar.  Although he probably won't beat out Sam Rockwell or Willem Dafoe.  

It's also great to see that Baby Driver received five nominations.  That really was an awesome movie.  Probably the last we'll be seeing of Kevin Spacy as well.      

And I can't shake the feeling that Shape of Water perhaps has received way too many nominations.

Anyway there you have it.  Just a few off the cuff reflections.  

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