Saturday, September 15, 2018

Google's Post-Election TGIF Video

Like many others, I found this video released by Breitbart rather disconcerting.

Sergey Brin actually said, in front of his employees at Google's weekly meeting, what a sad day it was for everyone in the room, given Trump's election as president.  

And at another point in the video he suggested that Trump voters are chronically working in routine jobs, and that their boredom is the cause for their extremism; that is, their support for Trump.

This insularity and self-righteousness reminded me of the episode of "The Daily" podcast released by the New York Times the day after the election (the original title for this podcast was "Denial. Anger. Now Acceptance."), in which Michael Barbaro interviews Maureen Dowd and she talks about a suffering Senator's daughter crying over the election results.

It betrays elites so myopic that they cannot conceive of the viability of a view different from their own.

I cannot tell if these people are anything to worry about.  It may seem that since they're running google and the NYT that they have a lot of power.  

But it's also possible that their tiny elite bubble is just that; a tiny world.  And the majority of the people, living outside of it, will really shape public opinion.

Google can work on changing its algorithm to "improve" the election the next time around, but it's quite possible they won't be able to get what they want.  

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