Monday, November 5, 2018

Alec Baldwin and the Midterms

Alec Baldwin was arrested for punching a man who took his parking spot.  This news is TOO GOOD coming on the precipice of the midterms.  Scott Adams made a good point in his Saturday's "Coffee With Scott Adams" podcast when he said that right now everything's being seen through the lens of the elections.

And Baldwin's not making a good case for his side.

LMFAO.  Putting politics aside, what's WITH this guy?  It's unbelievable to me that he can be such a tyrannical blowhard, demonstrably, repeatedly, and yet still so well liked. He continually shows up EVERYWHERE.  On SNL, in movies, being interviewed for the NYT.

Why are people still taking him seriously?

And on another meandering note: I do like Scott Adam's podcast, and of late have found myself listening to it rather religiously.  I am sometimes in fact one of the people who show up for its original airing on periscope (although I watch it on Twitter).

I do find it disconcerting, however, that he begins his podcast with a "simultaneous sip", where he and all of his listeners drink coffee together, as he's said that one of the keys to good persuasion is to have the person/people who you're trying to persuade physically do something with you.

That is to say, he's essentially told his listeners is that the point of his podcast is to persuade us all to adopt his way of thinking.  It makes me feel like a sheep being herded.  

He's currently asking us all to tweet or post an image of American Flags w/out any text, as this, he says, should influence the election to be a #RedWave.  

See what I mean?  He wants us to drink coffee with him, and then he's next asking us to influence the entire fucking midterms to the direction he'd like to see it go.

I find myself holding my arms crossed when listening to him nowadays and saying "I'm not so sure."

Well anyway, on that note, gonna go drink something to Alec Baldwin and laugh my ass off at the ridiculous drama that aging man continues to create for himself.  

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