Monday, November 12, 2018

Audible: A Recommendation

I've recently discovered Audible and can't believe how much I love it!  

Of course I've known about them for YEARS--literally a decade.  They're the ads that I tune out when I listen to podcasts.  I couldn't justify paying a fee when I had tons of audiobooks available at the library.  

Just recently, however, I discovered the Girly Book Club and wanted to join.  And living in a country without ready access to English books, particularly new releases, I've finally felt compelled sign up.

And what a world it's opened up!  I'm currently on a three-month promotional plan that costs about $7/month and allows you one audiobook a month.  

I have been enjoying listening to the Girly Book Club's November selection “On a Cold Dark Sea” by Elizabeth Blackwell, a fictional recounting of the Titanic.

And I am amazed at all of the other books available! --books by Mary Karr, Tom Wolfe, E.E. Cummings, new releases such as Tucker Carlson's Ship of Fools.  All sorts of interesting books.  

They also offer some “exclusive to Audible” books (reminds me a lot of Netflix in this respect), and you can get two of these each month.  This month's offerings include books by Nick Offerman, Paddi Smith and Stephen Fry.

Audible is very, very easy to listen to on an iOS device.  (And on an Android as well, I'd imagine.)

With all of the books available and the listening easy, their $230/year package seems to make a lot of sense for avid listeners; with this package you receive 2 audiobooks a month.  A schedule that includes a lot of commuting would make it easy to get through two audiobooks a month.

I've found that audiobooks are an excellent way to plow through books that you otherwise might not read; I've listened the memoirs John McCain, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Obama (both of his) on audiobook, as well as some of Jimmy Carter's books (he's written droves), and even that tome Ulysses!

In short, I recommend Audible.  If you're like me and don't have easy access to books or have a hard time reading through difficult or dry literature; it will open up a world that you'll probably never see otherwise. 

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