Sunday, November 4, 2018

Just today

I discovered NaBloPoMo.  And I do agree with Solitary Diner (where I discovered it) that it has a horrible name.

But it's an interesting conceit.  I've struggled to find my voice on this blog, and it's precluded me from blogging at all.

Maybe if, for the rest of the month, I consistently blog everyday, it will help me discover what it is that I am to blog about here.

NaBloPoMo is somewhat, er, hard to find information about.  Their twitter account (@nablopomo) is pretty much abandoned, as is, it seems, this "unofficial guide".

To that end, I may just post everyday using any topic I choose.  I have no idea what the daily prompts are.

Here's some of the topics I hope to cover this month:

Fashion in Hong Kong
Brands I love
Career Change in Middle Age
Cultivating community when you want to be alone
Interior Decorating
Pop Culture

.....And here we go.  Did the font just change on me?  If so, why the fuck?

Anyway, again, here I go, at what will probably be a dismally failed attempt to blog every day for the next 26 days!

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