Tuesday, November 27, 2018

On a Cold Dark Sea by Elizabeth Blackwell

Tonight, I'll meet for the first time with the Girly Book Club.  We'll discuss Elizabeth Blackwell's 2018 On a Cold Dark Sea, a fictional account of the Titanic's sinking.  

The story follows three characters; Anna, Charlotte, and Esma; women of different nationalities and economic backgrounds who survive the tragedy. 

Charlotte; British, and born into a broken home; takes up pickpocketing at an early age to make ends meet.  She befriends an older thief and he persuades her journey across the Atlantic to find a new life in America.  

Anna grew up on a farm in Sweden and is making the voyage also to find a better life in the USofA, along with two Swiss companions.  

And finally, Esma, an American, is returning to the US after honeymooning in Europe with a man with whom she's no longer in love.  She in fact has another lover aboard the Titanic.

Although each character teeters on cliche, Blackwell makes the women relatable enough that I found myself intrigued at their lives and misadventures leading up to and following the Titanic's sinking.   

Blackwell's vivid recount of the actual tragedy allows the reader to experience the terror of that night.  And her ability to create a diverse assortment of colorful characters makes for an entertaining read.  

An Audible reader sums up my assessment; this isn't great literature but it's still pretty good. 

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