Thursday, November 8, 2018


If I could have any superpower I wanted what would it be? 

What exactly ARE all of the superpowers?  Invisibility, superhuman strength or endurance, omnipresence, cross-dimensional awareness, claircognizance (acquiring psychic knowledge by means of intrinsic knowledge), resurrection.....the list goes on an on.  

Don't most women already have a little bit of claircognizance?  

Maybe I will pick two (I know; what part of "any superpower" made you think you can have two...but this is all fantasy so I'll dream big): 

First, I would like to have the superpower of resurrection.  This would eliminate my fear of failure, and I would be more likely to experiment and fail, knowing that I could just pick myself back up again.  

Although with this superpower, can 'failing' mean failing financially?  That is to say, would you regain all of your money again after squandering it on a fruitless endeavour?  

I'd need for this superpower to resurrect me after figurative deaths, and not literal deaths.  

But recklessly hand-gliding off of cliffs could be fun too....

A second superpower would be the ability to read minds.  I know that it would be difficult to have this superpower, as I would then know EVERYTHING that people thought about me; the good, the bad & the ugly, and that could be rough.  

But there are so many times in interactions where I KNOW there's so much more that the other person is not saying, and I'd like to know what that other portion is!  

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  1. Ah, reading minds.. I struggled with that one too.. Decided on flying. :-)


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