Sunday, November 18, 2018

Who's Looking Forward to Black Friday?

This is the real Good Friday.  The Holiday of unbridled avarice.  And I for one am so, so sorry to be missing out.  Stuck all the way over here in Hong Kong and living in a room smaller than a shoebox, I could hardly justify purchasing anything even if there were sales at the local malls.

In the past I've been to JoAnn Fabrics, Macy's, Target, Nordstrom, The Gap, and Sephora on Black Friday.  In fact, for several years I went to Macys and Target on Thanksgiving Day, as I wasn't doing anything other than surfing the net in my apartment.

Target has some pretty fun sales.  Last year I purchased several of their $5 DVDs; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, A Christmas story, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, that priceless gem with Chevy Chase.  Also a long-sleeved tee for probably nine bucks or so that I'm currently wearing as my pajamas.  

Nordstrom particularly captured my imagination last year as well; I made a rather large online purchase from Nordys.  To my recollection everything on their site was something like 20% off for the duration of Thanksgiving weekend--that is, Thursday through Cyber Monday.  They had some GREAT caps; Seahawks, denim, faux-leather floral, plaid; that I ended up buying for myself and family members.  And I also bought a beautiful colorful striped cashmere sweater that became my holiday sweater for the year, as it was cozy and formal and festive.  

And Macy's was really another go-to.  I've been there a few times on Thanksgiving Day to check things out and then back the next morning when I knew what I wanted.  One year they were actuallyopen all night; the sales girls told me that it was pretty dead for several hours, unsurprisingly.  They didn't try that again the next year.  

I really took to their Charter Club sweaters; these come in about twenty colors every year, and I spent a lot of time deciding which color to buy.  One year I bought a navy and the next pale lavender.  

They are awesome little sweaters; lightweight, warm, and dressy.  Once year I got two for my sisters.   Oh, yeah....and another year I bought two for myself.  Kinda went crazy there. 

See?  Aren't these sweaters great--so simple and elegant.
The Cashmere sweater, then, was a three year tradition; twice at Macy's and last year at Nordstroms.  

Too bad I cannot continue it this year.  

And zOMG; Michael's last year had a cra cra Cyber Monday sale, where they had free shipping on already deeply discounted items.  I purchased rubber stamps and stamp pads for my nieces and had them delivered for something like $5 total.  

No way they were making any money on that deal.    

Ah geez.  Now I'm missing the United States more than ever.

I've discovered a great Mexican chain here in Hong Kong called Cali-Mex that I'll probably head out to on Thanksgiving.  Mexican food on Thanksgiving in China--a pretty bizarre combination, as my sister pointed out.  

And it's sure going to feel strange having this Thursday pass like it's any other day.  No food coma and subsequent weekend of shopping and craziness look forward to.    

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