Thursday, January 24, 2019

Another glass of Port, obrigada! ~ the Wine Hostel in Porto, Portugal

The Wine Hostel is located in the heart of Porto, above some
bars with a fun night-life.
My sister and I stayed at the Wine Hostel during our visit to Porto, a sparkling accommodation overlooking a park and just a few minutes from the Clerigos Tower.  The staff has been sweet and welcoming, and the kitchen well-equip and immaculate. The rooms and reception have balconies and large windows that bring streaming sunlight in during the day. 

The hostel offers a breakfast, for 3.50 euros, of toast, waffles, cereal, meat, cheese, fruit, juice, coffee and tea.  It also offers a full kitchen for anyone with enough volition to whip up a meal.  

The kitchen and reception are pleasant and immaculate,
with an excellent selection of drinks.

The mixed dormitory rooms have between four and eight beds, and each room has its own bathroom and shower, cleaned daily. 

Tawny, Pink, White, or Ruby?  The Wine Hostel has a fantastic bar with a wide selection of Port wine, cocktails and beer.  These sweet Port wines, native to the local Douro Valley, are wonderful to sample together.  

A with most things, what's best about it can also be what's worst about it.  Staying at a hostel offers the wonderful opportunity to visit and share experiences with other travellers.  It provides a community in a completely foreign place.  

At the same time, the affordability of a hostel draws a certain kind of person, I've experienced anyway.  I'll characterise this person as being in his 20s and with a tremendous propensity to drink.  And to show up at the dormitory in the wee hours of the morning.  And make a lot of noise doing so.  

Sharing some 20-year aged tawny with fellow travellers.
So I guess that you take the good with the bad.  And overall, I'd rate my experience at the Wine Hostel as good.  Very, very good!  

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