Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sipping Cute Coffee Art in Hong Kong

Expat Living in Hong Kong
A barista at Dog99 Coffee in Hong Kong created this
 animal coffee art.  They were so much fun to sip!  
I'm addicted to coffee shops: sipping lattes, reading, being on phone, whatever.  The atmosphere is conducive to working or simply getting my head out of the game. 

Portland and Seattle, where I've lived for most of my life, have their own thriving coffee shop cultures.  No exaggeration, in Portland I lived a twenty minute walk from a dozen coffee shops.  And not a few of them roasted their own coffee. 

In Seattle, too, I lived on Capital Hill and so would frequent all of thoze coffee shops: Victrola, Vivaces, Ladro, and the Bauhaus (it was still there when I lived in Seattle). 

I admit to frequenting these places with smug disdain, as I do resent their hipster atmospheres.  However, they offer a reliably delicious latte, decorated in leaf-coffee-art, and a relaxing spot to check out or get work done. 

Needless to say, I've been super-saturated with ultra-nice, ultra-hipster coffee shops and have become accustomed to having them in my daily routine. 

As an expat living in Hong Kong, I found that coffee shops are a different beast in other parts of the world. 

coffee shops Hong Kong
Here's a beautiful latte I sipped near the mid-level escalators on Hong Kong Island.  
The coffee shops I'm accustomed to do exist but are WAY fewer and further between.  And they're not always as....nice.  

Coffee shops in Hong Kong often don't offer restrooms and once I had to cross a busy four lane street to McDonald's! 

They also tended to open very late in the morning; as late as noon on a Sunday.  Many coffee shops in Seattle, on the other hand, will open around 6 am, including weekends.  The coffee, too, didn't taste as good and I left a lot of lattes ½ finished. 

Got me a beautiful latte and I'm all set up to work at Urban Coffee Roaster in Hong Kong.  
They did offer a nice atmosphere for working, and some of my favorites in Sham Shui Po were Cafe Sausalito, Urban Coffee Roaster and finally Dog99 Coffee, which is open 24 hours. 

And, to my great delight, an amazing barista at Dog99 made the adorable animal coffee art, unmatched by any latte art I've seen anywhere!  This definitely makes it onto my Hong Kong's greatest hits.  

Animal Latte Art Cat
Look at the adorable kitty from my latte at Dog99 Coffee in Hong Kong! 

Kawaii Culture in Hong Kong 

I came love Hong Kong's embrace of all things cute.  It was everywhere; elderly women wearing t-shirts with Sesame Street characters, arrays of watches with cartoon characters at the Swatch Store.  This kawaii aesthetic is unmatched, in my experience, in Europe or the US. 

Do you like coffee shops?  What do you do to relax and get into a good head space?

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