Thursday, April 25, 2019

Summer Fashion Trends

shopping for summer clothes

Summer is just around the corner!  Is your wardrobe ready?  

I've been shopping Nordstrom's spring sale, mostly looking at Treasure & Bond, Caslon and Madewell t-shirts, and noticed some trends. 

I've Been Turned onto Caslon Ever Since...

Two summers ago I stopped by Nordstrom on my way home from work and tried on some clothes.  It was one of those days that warmed up as it went along, so I had my long sleeve t-shirt in my purse.  

And when I go home, for the life of me, I couldn't find the long sleeve t-shirt!  I was pretty disappointed as it was fairly new, so I carefully retraced my steps, and concluded that I had to have left it in the Nordstrom dressing room, mixed in with the clothes I'd tried on.

The girls in the t.b.d. department had no idea where it was.  And I also asked lost and found, to no avail.

Later I called the management, and she professed apology and sent me a brand new Caslon t-shirt similar to the J. Crew shirt I'd lost.  I loved it, and wore it as my everyday tee and then my pj tee until it was completely worn out.  

Let's just say this experience has endeared me to Nordstrom and to the Caslon brand.  

Stripes are IN!!!

I noticed a few trends while shopping.  A lot of t-shirts that were formerly only offered as solids are now offered with stripes as well.  

Caslon has been incorporating more and more striped patterns into their rounded v-neck tee,
which initially was sold in just a solid.
I've owned about six of Caslon's rounded v-neck tees.  It's a great staple shirt.  
This Treasure & Bond varsity stripe shirt is available in three colors. 

Trending Colors

olive tee
I noticed this color popping up a lot in t-shirts.  Madewell calls it "deep woodland"
An olive-mustard color has been showing up a lot in t-shirts. 

The array of colors available in t-shirts seem more natural; things like brown and beige.  Although pale pink and lavendar are still sold.  And some t-shirts are available in primary colors: red, yellow and blue.

Clothing Designers

Living in Yellow Blogger

Several shirts had been designed with lifestyle bloggers, for example this Gibson long-sleeved tee designed with lifestyle blogger Erin Schrader of Living in Yellow

Nordstrom Shopping Experience

Nordstrom's online store makes it easy to shop.  Each item has customer reviews listed, so you can read what other women think about the fit and material.  They also indicate whether the item is true to size or if it runs large or small.  

As you probably know, Nordstrom has a very simple return policy.  If you don't like your purchase, simply re-attach the shipping label and pop it in the mail.  Shipping in the US is always free.  

Things went quickly, due to their sale.  The Caslon rounded v-neck tee only has four colors available since they put it on sale.  I'm looking forward to their new selection of colors in this t-shirt!  


  1. I love stripes! They're easy to pair in outfits. I like that it's so easy to shop at Nordstrom. Their selection is pretty top notch. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  2. I agree, Nancy...Nordstrom makes it so easy to search for and order and return items. That all keeps me coming back.


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