Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Best Walking Shoes for Summer

great summer walking shoe
These are the best walking shoes and I've worn them everywhere!  Love the fun red color.
I need some new summer shoes. My Josef Seibel Caspians, much as I love them, have completely bit the dust.  I purchased these on ebay quite some time ago.  It's my third pair of this shoe.  

Josef Seibel Caspian 

womens walking shoes
I love the Josef Seibel Caspian shoe.  I've owned three pairs over the years.  
I purchased my first Josef Seibel Caspian about five years ago right after Christmas at Magnolia's on Bainbridge Island, WA.  They were trying to clear out inventory before the end of the year so the shoes were deeply discounted.  
But I still paid around $100.  Washington taxes.  
They were bright green, and I loved them!  
Since then I've also owned an olive pair that I purchased on ebay and these red ones I have now.  

women summer shoes
Nordstrom sells the Caspian for $130.  It's available in silver, beige, black and red.  
I can't find the Caspian in great colors like green & pink anymore.  Although Nordstrom does sell them in red
Now I'm looking for a good walking shoe and trying to decide between another pair of Josef Seibel or a pair of Keens. 

Becoming Keen on Keens

Best summer walking sandal
I love the Venice H2 that I purchased a few years ago on ebay for about $25.  These sell for $95 at Nordstrom.
I purchased the Keen Venice H2 two summers ago to hike the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  They were PURRFECT outdoor hiking shoes!  

Comfortable Hiking Shoe
A picture of me at Petra in Jordan, wearing my Keens!  
I remember wanting to wear them All. The. Time. when I first got them, even though I didn't find them terribly attractive.  They were more like terribly comfortable.
I think that's why peole get hooked on Keens.  I have a friend who wears them exclusively. 
I received compliments on them, too.  My cousin told me they were perfect for a tube excursion he & I went on in the Clark Fork River in MO.  And even after a year of owning them (and I'd purchased them used) I'd received questions asking if they were new! 

The Keen Philosophy

Did a little digging and realized that Keen's store in the Pearl Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon is their flagship store.  They repurposed the building with only 1 dumpster load of garbage
Sustainability is very much at the crux of the Keen brand and all their marketing.  

A Tough Call

It was difficult to decide whether to go with another pair of Caspians or branch out into something new; I am thinking I will go with this black pair of Keens, the Presidio II.  
Doesn't exactly scream "summer shoe" but it DOES scream "walking shoe" so I'm sure I'd wear this as my everyday shoe for the next 12 months at least.  

keen walking shoes
Here's the walking shoe I'm planning to buy: the Keen Presidio II.

What About You?

Are you shopping for summer shoes?
What are your favorite shoe brands when you're looking for a good walking shoe?  


  1. Oughhhh... my bucket list!! and the red sneakers is soooo awesome!
    ig @grace_njio
    other ig @wonky.pots

  2. I really like how trendy Josef Seibel Caspian looks! You can never go wrong with sales, especially when you get a really good deal out of it. It is great when shoes can be very versatile through different terrains. I always like hearing about brands being super sustainable with their operations. You can still make money and not be wasteful. Thanks for sharing all of these shoe options!

    Nancy ♥

    1. You're welcome, Nancy. Yes, I love how the Caspian is trendy but practical as well.

  3. I like Keen!
    Oh, Caspians looks great


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