Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Identity Crisis: Are You Millennial, Generation X or Xennial?

This photo makes me feel nostalgic, kinda like the NYT Millennial vs. Gen X quiz. 
Does the actor Josh Charles remind you of “Dead Poet's Society” or “The Good Wife”?  The NYT asks questions of this ilk in this quizAre You Secretly A Millennial, aimed to distinguish whether you identify as a Millennial or with Generation X.  

This fun quiz additionally asks whether or not you have phone numbers memorized, about your relationship to anxiety, and if you think texting "omy" is the equivalent to showing up on time for an appointment. 

(A few things the quiz missed: do you speak with vocal fry and is grunge something you wore or heard about.) 

The Xennials, or Inbetweeners

If you were born between '78 and '83, you're an Xennial, straddling between Generation X and Millenials.  Xennials came of age just as the internet became mainstream, representing a seismic shift culturally.  

What's My GC (Generation Quotient)? 

Let's just say I was raised with a barely functioning television (which is why I spend much of my time in therapy today) and by parents who stopped spending money on video games with Atari.  And so it's no surprise the quiz placed me solidly in Generation X.  (I was also born in 1980).

I do sense a rift with friends who are only five or so years younger than me.  Never understood the annoying practice of someone “being on time” because they've texted me twenty times during the thirty minutes I've spent waiting for them.  Nor people who think I've cancelled because I didn't immediately respond to a text.  

And I'm not exactly intuitive with the internet era as they are--so much of their lives and interactions take place on Instagram. 

At the same time, some Gen X things (the Atari games and Star Wars, for example) almost seemed more for my older siblings than for me; I was almost too young to "get it".

What about You? 

My siblings and I would sit and stare at this beeping screen for way too long as we waited for Saturday morning cartoons to come on.  
When you think of your childhood do you recall sitting in front of a TV on Saturday morning and listening to the beeping noise of the Emergency Broadcast System before cartoons like Gummi Bears, Jetsons & Scooby Doo came on? 

And what movies connect you to your childhood and and adolescence?  For me, it's movies like My Girl, Sandlot, The Breakfast Club, A Christmas Story, and all of John Candy's movies.    

You don't necessarily identify with the generation you were born into--for example my sister, born in early 90s, identifies strongly with Gen X!

What generation were you born in, and which would you say you most identify with? 

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  1. It is interesting to outline the different generations - there are notable differences in character in an overall sense. I know for sure I am a millennial. I see a difference between me and someone who is 5 years older than me and someone who is 5 years younger than me. I remembered Cartoon Network having shows I didn't like in the late 90's!

    Nancy ♥


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