Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival: A Tick off the Bucket List

Fringe Festival Edinburgh
The Fringe Festival in Scotland has long been on my bucket list.  I'm so excited to have the opportunity to attend the festival this summer!  
This August I'll be attending the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.  With over 35,000 performances, The Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world!

I discovered The Fringe a little over a decade ago.  I can't recall who told me about it; it may have been another seller at a craft fair in Seattle.

Somehow a desire to attend the festival was instilled.  And as my love for stand-up comedy and unedited podcasting has developed over the past decade, so has my interest in The Fringe.  

I love how no one has to audition for The Fringe; rather the audience determines the strength of the performances.

An opportunity to attend this festival may not come again, and so I feel I need to take advantage this window.  The Fringe lasts for over three weeks, and I'll be there for ten days.  My plan is to attend some free shows initially to get a taste, then see at least one performance in a variety of genres: cabaret, variety, burlesque, spoken word, comedy, theater, circus, dance, and music. 

Will the festival live up to my vision?  Sometimes reality correlates pretty closely to expectations.  But that's rare.  I won't be surprised if crowds overwhelm me and I can't fully participate in the joy of the festival.  But who knows.  Maybe I will like it more than I anticipate.  

What Are Your Dreams?

What's on your bucket list?  What makes you want to do these things or visit these places, particularly?


  1. It is so exciting that you'll be going to the Fringe Festival! Wow, there are so many different attractions during the event. It is good that you are taking advantage of the opportunity now. The future is never clear so we might as well do what we can when we have control now. I love going to music festivals but I feel like I need to make a bigger effort if I really want to go. Hehe thanks for sharing the inspiration!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Yes, I'm like that with so many things---skiing and music concerts to name two. They require so much effort and I don't want to do them enuf to inspire me to get out there and do it.


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