Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Kings of Content: Ebooks, White Papers & Case Studies

Can you recall your last big purchase?  What steps did you take to make it? 

If you're like most people, you started off with a google search, reading several blog posts and articles covering all aspects of the product.  Then you researched deeper, looking at case studies, talking to people, or downloading an eBook. 

As you narrowed your choices, you read feedback and compared things like the price and warranty from various companies, seeking out a product tailored to your needs and price range.

Long-form Content is King

Whether you realize it or not, long-form content plays a huge role in our purchase decisions. 

Long-form content is loosely defined as pieces over 2,000 words, and includes eBooks, white papers, case studies and how-to guides. 

This research-heavy writing aims to provide helpful information to a consumer.  For example, if you're looking to buy a SUV, you might seek out a white paper that lists the top ten models with best gas mileage. 

Why it's Effective Marketing

If you're remodeling your kitchen, are you more likely to work with a remodeler who says “give us a call today”, or one who provides you with an easy-to-read explanation of all the cabinets on the market, listing the pros and cons of each? 

Social media allows for personal interaction between buyers and consumers and has changed the marketing game—as well as consumer behavior.  It's so simple now to reach out to a company on Twitter or Instagram to say we loved/hated their product, and have them respond in real time.  This exchange couldn't have occurred twenty years ago. 

Before I purchased Elna Cain's online course “Write Your Way to Your First $1K”, I opted into her newsletter in exchange for a free 6-day writing course.  She and I corresponded a bit on e-mail.  Then, when she emailed me saying her course would be discounted for Black Friday, I decided to make the purchase.

In the same way, large companies no longer pitch products singularly through things like television ads and billboards.  Rather, they reach out to their audience and speak to them, personally. 

By providing good content--say an interior designer providing a white paper on decor ideas for a newly remodeled living room--a business establishes trust with the customer.  And a customer in turn is more likely to make a purchase. 

Far-Reaching Advantage

Long-form content also reaches a wide audience.  It is shared more often on social media than shorter pieces such as blog posts.  Additionally, search engines give longer pieces a higher ranking in search results than shorter ones.

What's Your Plan?

Content marketing has become a critical component of any business' marketing plan.  

I've written several design and remodel eBooks for elevation 6225, a high-end remodeling company in Truckee, California, which you can read here

Do you have a product or service that you sell?  What kind of long-form content would help you reach your ideal customer?


  1. This is some great inspiration, Julie. I know that with running a blog, I certainly need to be taking some courses. Time is an issue and money is another (I mean, when you're putting money into something and not getting anything out of it, it's hard to justify more expense). I love that you've found a niche that has started you earning money and I hope that I'll get there some day too!


  2. It is interesting that long-form content is something that helps us with making decisions. I always thought short and simple articles are great but you do have a good point. I remember reading through so many lengthy reviews for the more expensive things. Thanks for sharing all of this information! It is so cool that you've written several ebooks!

    Nancy ♥


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