Saturday, August 3, 2019

Photos from a 12th Century Spanish Monastery!

The view from my room at the Monastery de Moraime, looking onto the countryside of Galicia, Spain
In the spring I spent a week at the Monastery de Moraime, located near the Atlantic Coast in Galicia, Spain.  I thought I'd share some photos from this beautifully restored 12th Century Monastery.  

The Monastery de Moraime was a Benedictine Monastery in the 12th Century.  It's located a mile from the Galician town of Muxía.  It's on the path of Pilgrims who are walking to Muxía and Finisterre after their arrival in Santiago de Compostela.  
The Monastery is along the path for many Pilgrims who've completed the walk to Santiago and are making their way out to the coastal towns of Finisterre and Muxía.  

However, it's surprisingly empty.  In fact, during the eight nights I stayed there, I only met one other person!  Many Pilgrims opt to hike into Muxía where there are amenities and restaurants, and the monastery is overlooked.  
Sheep grazing outside the church of San Xulian de Moraime.   
The Monastery de Moraime is located alongside the Church of San Xulian de Moraime, which also dates back to the 12th Century. This church is restored and parishioners celebrate Mass here on Sundays.  

The Monastery is located alongside a lovely field where sheep graze.  The sheep would sometimes break through the gate and into the Monastery grounds.  
Here's the back porch to the Monastery.  It's a lovely spot to sit in the evenings.
It took ten years to restore the Monastery de Moraime.  This is the central hallway.  The rooms are furnished with nice beds, and it has modern plumbing with showers and toilets.  
As I mentioned, I'd oftentimes be the ONLY person sleeping in this ancient monastery!  This would sometimes be scary in the evenings.  But I can't report any supernatural incidents. 😉

 The locals took great pride in the Monastery, and rightly so--just look at this lovely view of the inner courtyard from my bathroom window!  
The Church of San Xulian from the Monastery.  
The water along the Galician Coast would oftentimes have a lovely aqua color.  Quite idyllic!  
The Monastery is only a short walk to several beaches along the Atlantic Coast in Galicia.  The shallow water near the shore would become quite warm in the springtime and was great for swimming.  

I loved the natural look of these steps, leading into the Monastery grounds.  
Well I hope that you enjoyed my photos from this ancient Monastery!  

Have you stayed in anything that's been restored?  Do you like old buildings?  


  1. It is so cool that you got to visit the Monastery de Moraime. This looks super history and love that there is so much history behind this place. Wow, there are times when I enjoy almost being the only person on a site because it's easier to observe the place. The sheep are so cute, haha. The views look amazing! Glad you had an exciting time there!

    Nancy ♥

  2. How fabulous! I just can't imagine that more people aren't staying there. I guess there were staff members staying there? I can see how it might be a bit spooky but what a wonderful adventure! Thanks so much for sharing this. I've never stayed anywhere this neat but would just love it!



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