Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Is Trump Tired? Reflections on Trump's Last Four Rallies

I’ve listened to four of Trump’s rally’s these past few days: Arizona's most recently, and last week’s in Iowa, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

He definitely has a stump speech and they sound pretty rote the fourth time around.

We’re going to WIN Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida and Iowa.”

I don’t think you’re going to want to give up your guns.”

Under my leadership prosperity will surge.”

We’ll get back to a normal life.”

They thought we’d be at 40% unemployment—we just hit 7.8%”

It’s a choice between the American Dream and a Socialist Nightmare.”

I’m immune….I can jump into this audience and kiss every man and woman.”

Biden will wage war on Catholic Organizations.” (he said this in AZ—perhaps he was appealing to the Latino vote?)

I’m running against the worst candidate in presidential politics—and if I lose! --I wish he was good, I’d have less pressure.”

I keep hearing about the suburban women.  I let you have the American Dream.”

I call the people with cameras over there the enemy of the people.  They look innocent, but they are not innocent.”

I’m determined to ensure that the forgotten men and women of this country are never forgotten again.” (This touches on the crux of Trump’s appeal to struggling middle class.)

The Democratic Party…want to cancel your culture and persecute anybody who refuses to bend to their will.  I don’t think they like me too much.”

This last statement, made in Greensboro NC, solicited a “We love you” chant from the crowd.

That’s really an honor,” Trump responds.  "Nobody has ever heard those words at a political event.  What politician has ever heard those words?”  (The crowd also chanted “We love you” in Arizona.)

However, I sense some his giddiness from rallies four years ago, absent.  (“I didn’t say it, but if you’re gonna call Ted Cruz a pussy……”)

Is Trump tired?

He selects inspiring, upbeat music: “Eye of the Tiger”, as the plane lands, Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” as he descends and greets the crowd.  “YMCA” thumps out of loudspeakers afterwards, and Trump dances and points to people in the crowd.

In North Carolina he compares himself to Jesus Christ—the kinds of things that incite ire or love for him.

But I do sense a lack of joy from him.  He rarely smiles, and the rally has a procedural, automated tone.  Ok, I did sense a genuine smile after the Jesus Christ comparison.  But maybe the presidency has had its effect: Obama started to grey during his second term, and Clinton won back several years after his eight years in office.

I can imagine the constant battle with, well, everything, would dull even the most resilient personalities.  From her recent interview with Wolf Blitzer it looks like he and Nancy don't talk (now there’s a constructive situation for ya!), to cite one of his battles.

But he’s certainly giving this second campaign all he’s got.  My gosh, a rally nearly Every. Single. Day, with second events (last week the Town Hall with Savannah Guthrie) in the evening.

More than you can say of Biden, who’s currently hiding out, evidently to avoid answering questions about Hunter Biden’s laptop or packing the courts.  (Why is Obama campaigning for Biden in Pennsylvania if he's really so far ahead in the polls, hm?)

Have you listened to or attended any of Trump’s rallies?  What are your impressions?

Here’s a link to yesterday’s rally in Pennsylvania  (I haven’t listened to this one—can’t imagine he went too far off script) if you want to hear for yourself.

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