Thursday, October 29, 2020

Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen: a Refreshing Contrast to the Dreary Biden Campaign

Biden Campaign
More and more, the Biden ticket feels totally broken

The Biden campaign of late has both opened my eyes and terrified me.

Two weeks ago the New York Post broke a story about some laptops owned by Biden's son, Hunter, with incriminating e-mails.  The e-mails imply Joe Biden received money from overseas companies in Russia and China.  A few days later, Tony Bobulinski came forward to confirm the e-mails, saying that he worked with the Bidens on some of these projects.

Biden has never explicitly denied the e-mails, a clear indication they're genuine.  And Bobulinski has been vetted and checks out: he's a Navy vet and generally non-partisan.  And so, we're on the verge of electing a president who's susceptible to bribery from foreign companies, including one in a powerful Communist country.

However, a swath of the media has completely ignored the story, and Twitter and Facebook immediately blocked its distribution within their platforms.  The New York Post is in fact suspended until they delete the tweets linking to the Hunter Biden story.

According to Ground News, a website that tracks which media outlets cover which stories, approximately zero left-leaning news publishers reported that the Senate verified Bobulinski's documents.  The New York Times, NPR, CNN—all places that hyper-covered the “Russia Collusion” story which amounted to nothing, completely ignored the Hunter Biden Laptop story.

This contrast between the leftist media coverage of Hunter-Biden and Russia Collusion sends an explicit message: social media and news organizations have an agenda.  What else are they concealing?  Or propagating?  And who determines the narrative they push?   Burying this story belies an issue above and beyond Biden and this election.  

But that's a rabbit hole that I'll save for another day.

Suffice it to say that citizens should know this dirt on Biden in order to make an informed presidential pick.  But the left media shirks its duty and deliberately leaves citizens in the dark.

Biden also terrifies me because he rarely leaves his home in Delaware, and in the rare instances when he does have a rally, he reads everything from a teleprompter. 

He doesn't look at all like someone up to the ultra-demanding task of being the president.

Jo Jorgensen Spike Cohen: Inhale some Fresh Air

Recently I listened to an interview with Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen, the Presidential Candidates for the Libertarian Ticket.  And man did it leave me bemoaning our two party system.

Refreshingly, as president, Jorgensen says she would get our military out of the 150 countries we're currently stationed in.  (And we don't call ourselves an Empire!)  --As well as slash our exorbitant military spending: the United States currently spend more on military than the previous ten countries combined! 

As for other points made, I'll let the candidates speak for themselves. Here's a few takeaways:

In grade school I was taught (unfortunately they don't teach this anymore) the reason America is so great and Soviet Russia couldn't feed themselves is because of central planning....that over there they would have steel.  And they wouldn't know how much steel should go to the cars, how much to the refrigerators.  'Who do we give the steel to' is what they would have to decide with their five year plans.  In the United States we have prices.  Where does the steel go?  Whoever is going to pay the most. Basically it's a way to with your dollars.  You get to decide where the resources go....central planners never do as good of a job.

I wonder why this concept isn't taught anymore in our increasingly left-leaning country.  

And Spike:

Isn't it an odd coincidence that the places you were still allowed to go during the lockdowns all happened to be the big box companies, the largest companies who had the biggest crony lobbyists making sure they remained opened?  Because it's clearly safe during a pandemic for everyone to crowed into a Walmart or a Target, but definitely not safe for you to go to a small furniture store where there might be three people in the building with you.  When you have government making economic're not having a decision based on best outcome, but based on political calculation of the person arbitrarily deciding.

So true.  Here in Washington, good old Governor Inslee wouldn't let us go to Church for nearly three months, but we could go to the Church of Almighty Walmart for as many hours every day as we pleased, throughout the entire shutdown.

And finally:

You never spend other people's money as well as you spend your own.

I felt so enlightened listening to these two talk about ideal government (less government!), economics, and the state of the country today.  It really left me pining to live under a Libertarian system.

And juxtaposed to Biden....that dreary, nightmarish candidate: what a breath of fresh air!

It's good to know we still have capable, clear thinking people willing to serve in public office.  I only wish they had way more cachet.

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