Tuesday, November 17, 2020

When An Election Stinks to High Heaven, Bring in the Electoral College

We’ve just had a presidential election that stinks to high heaven. Late in the evening of November 3rd, while Trump led comfortably in critical states (WI, MI and PA), the Networks still called the race a “dead heat”.

And then, as we were all nestled, snug in our beds, something very stinky went down, as we awoke to a BIDEN victory in ALL of these critical swing states.

The kind of stink that spreads over flyover country and clear across to Arizona and Nevada.

And now, with several critical states yet to certify their election results, Trump lawsuits filed in six states (which include hundreds of affidavits, i.e. evidence, citing voter fraud), the Networks have pushed through a Biden victory.  Not only, they’re characterizing skeptics as gullible nitwits—and even threatening them with the loss of their careers!!! 

What a bizarre segue: to actually level a personal threat toward people who question the election.  It's suspicious, given that Tapper in a later tweet completely smeared the Trump Campaign's Pennsylvania Press Conference in which witnesses told their experiences of being denied access to ballot-counting.  

If he were genuinely convinced of a solid, honest win, why level such heavy-handed attacks?  Doesn’t this level of authoritarianism from a MSM mogul alone communicate culpability?

But more to the point: these justice-obstructing journalists may preclude any recourse to remedying fraud and bringing about a free and fair election.  At which point, the final resort may be the electoral college.

Sick With Rot

As the Press Conferences in Philadelphia and Michigan last week made clear, the Trump Campaign isn’t struggling to find evidence of voter fraud.  Republican Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel cited 2,300 reports of fraud in Michigan, and over 100 affidavits (this was as of a week ago; more affidavits may well have been created—she mentioned they’d been constrained by time from having more).  In Philadelphia, too, a drove of Republican volunteers have come forward and signed affidavits citing fraud.

Here's the full Michigan Press Conference:

In the affidavits — all taking place in Democratic strongholds in critical swing states — witnesses invariably cited not being able to witness the counting of ballots.

In Pennsylvania, I haven't seen a Republican who's looked at a ballot yet,” Lawyer Rudy Guiliani said last week on Steve Bannon's podcast. 

Unilaterally block Republicans and somehow the uninspiring dementia patient receives more votes than the charismatic and wildly popular candidate.

It Happened Just Like We Said....Yet it Just. Didn't. Happen.

The mainstream media, sadly, won’t at all play a part in working to set things right with this election by exposing fraud. In fact, they’ve prepared the public to anticipate the fix!

Calling it a “Red Mirage”, several outlets (AxiosGuardian and Fox) spelled out exactly what happened on election night: Trump would have a comfortable lead in key swing states until well into the night, until…..all of the mail in ballots came in. Droves and droves and droves of them. And 100% for Biden.

As if to say: We told you about this, so that makes it legitimate. 

But if it were really so legitimate; if the "red mirage" was an honest explanation for how election night played out; then why is the press obstructing any coverage of the fraud that Rudy Guiliani has uncovered?

Anderson "no evidence of widespread fraud" Cooper and his cronies have unilaterally denied Guiliani coverage--and have totally smeared the Pennsylvania Press Conference rather than cover it. 

But Guiliani's point is clear: he isn't discovering widespread fraud, but rather concerted fraud, in exactly the places Biden needed to win.

We're discovering serious fraud; don't let the media tell you there isn't any.  It's beginning to looks systemic, you see the same thing happening in 8 or 10 rock-ribbed protected Democratic cities where they feel can get away with anything.  It seems not by coincidence they all had the same idea at the same time.  Rudy Guiliani, November 13th   

Bring in the Electoral College

Our founding fathers knew the vulnerability an election has towards coups and regime changes. As an added safeguard against fraudulent elections, they developed the electoral college.

The popular election, as we know, doesn't determine the president but rather the state's designated electors, who cast their ballots on December 14th this year. 

In his recent article in Revolver News, Darren Beattie calls out the critical role the electoral college may play if the media continues to obstruct and smear any efforts to uncover serious fraud.  He writes:   

If states cannot satisfactorily demonstrate by December 14 that their voting procedures were legitimate and free of fraud, then the law gives state legislatures no choice but to act to restore the will of the people of their respective states. They will be obligated to pick a slate of Donald Trump-aligned electors, and send their votes to Washington, as the Constitution and Supreme Court explicitly allow. Darren J. Beattie, Revolver News

The countdown continues; it's just under four weeks until December 14th.  What do you think is needed most for our country right now, to restore justice to the system?

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