The 40s are weird and hard in so many ways.  

Does any of this sound like you? 

--I love reading, movies & eating out but, with the deluge of things I need to do, never have the time or brain space for any of it. 

--So much has changed socially over the past ten years (people move, friends marry, lifestyles change) that I don’t have any friends IRL I spend time with.    

--I’m living in a basement rental with a moldy shower, while everyone else has their own place (and a bathroom with heated flooring and destination bathtub).

--I don't have a career, I have a job.  That I've been working at for ten years.  And I've deferred paying off college debt for so long I owe more than when I graduated!  (And if we're being honest, I don't think I'll ever pay it off.) 

--I’m always dieting these days, and always ten pounds overweight. 

--I have a tendency to speak with vocal fry, knowing I’m way too old for that.  

If so, then trust me, girlfriend, you are not alone.  

Join me on this blog as I look at ways to simplify lifestyles and make time for things we love, cultivate and maintain friendships in middle age, and invest so we’ll have something for ourselves during the golden years!  

Your contributions and insight are most welcome.  

Who (the hell) am I?

You're Beautiful

Hello, I am Julie, a PNW native who’s currently living in Hong Kong and teaching English for the first time.

I’m a tadpole investor (finally bought stock at the ripe age of 38!) who studied finance at Seattle University (so should be an old hand by now), and am sharing my insights on the blog.

I love to exercise.  I’ve run three marathons (Seattle, Missoula and Marin Headlands), prefer biking to driving, and hiked the Camino de Santiago twice (Primitivo and Norte).  Currently I’ve taken to swimming—it’s a meditative way to end the day and I love it.   

I have a tendency to disappear down the internet rabbit hole and am onto my third blog with  Putting some TLC into this one, we’ll see where it gets me.  

Thanks for reading.  

The New Copywriter

I have always written as a hobby and, after my friend invited me to write several eBooks, found that I enjoy copywriting. 

I ran an online business for several years, and the skills I developed (photography, social media & product descriptions) segue into content marketing.   

Read samples of my writing here and please contact me if you’d like to talk about working together.  
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