The Like-Know-Trust Factor

Long-form content, such as eBooks, white papers and case studies, gives people the oomph to sign up for an email list and hit follow on social media.  

Customers trust a brand that provides helpful information--for example a remodel company listing home improvements with excellent ROI.  Particularly for a huge investment like a remodel, taking the time to educate consumers with long-form copy is critical to increasing a brand's likability and turning subscribers into clients.

That's where I come in.  I specialize in long-form content for high-end home design and remodels.  For example, I've written eBooks on bathroom and kitchen remodels and blog posts on kitchen design trends.

I work closely with clients to provide content tailored to their brand and clientele.  Plus, it's evergreen so will be pertinent for years to come!  

Walked the Walk

In a past life I designed and manufactured wallets and purses and sold them online.  I'm well-versed in internet marketing and communicating a brand through content, photographs and social media.

I also love writing and the English language.  I have written a novella and post regularly to my blog, and currently tutor students in Hong Kong.  

What My Clients Are Saying

"I'd love to work with you again if you're interested.  You really do outstanding work!"  Richard Valera, elevation 6225, Truckee, California

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