Millennial women are over 40 million strong and spend $170 each year!  Yet, thousands of businesses aren't connecting with this enormous and lucrative market!  Why not?  She certainly plays hard to get--84% of millennial women don't trust traditional marketing.  

What DOES move the needle for them?

  • Marketing that speaks specifically to her.
  • Brands aligned with an ethos or movement.
  • Content that amuses, informs and uplifts.  

Hello!  I'm Julie, and I specialize in writing for millennial women.  My educational blog posts, ebooks, sales letters and white papers are written in friendly, natural language that earn their trust and loyalty.  

Read these examples of content I can create for YOU, including my bathroom remodel ebook, of which Richard Valera said, "This looks amazing.  I'm about ten pages in and really like it.  Great job!"

So what's a millennial's secret handshake?
In this rapidly changing consumer market, it’s easy to lapse into social media fatigue.  We’re creatures of habit, and when there’s a latest-and-greatest every six week, it’s hard to climb aboard.  Yet, this is how millions of companies ignore their largest market.

Millennials are tired of the tried-and-true, and attracted to the shiny new toy.  You know those commercials for Bud Light Seltzer at the Super Bowl?  Those were for millennials!

My blog posts, ebooks, sales letters, and white papers are just the thing to win over these women.  Using breezy, laidback language and vivid storytelling, it's laser focused on how a product or service benefits the target audience.

And I don't charge gazillions for my services, either!  My rate is $60 an hour.  At this price, the new clients you bring in will cover the cost—and then some!

Bargain Basement
Best yet, long-form content is loaded with information. One white paper, for example, breaks down into:

  • 5 Informative blog posts
  • 25 Engaging Facebook updates
  • 100 Captivating Tweets
  • 36 Alluring Instagram captions
  • 1 Beguiling sales funnel

All this content from just one product!  Your social media will be buzzing for months.

Is your content pithy? Is it quippy, fun and light?
If not, you may be overlooking the largest consumer group—ever!  No pressure, no obligations, but I’d love to discuss the best way to present your brand and services to the lucrative millennial demographic.  Contact me below.

Offload content creation to someone who gets millennial women!  I guarantee to create copy your daughter would actually read. 

With my copywriting services, you’ll:
  • Bring in loyal, long-term clients
  • Keep pace with competitors
  • Increase your brand's exposure
  • Spread the word about your company's ethos and message
  • Have one less thing to worry about!

Think you're missing the millennial market?  Be in touch while it's fresh on your mind and let me know your thoughts. 

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