Here's a sampling of my long-form copy.  These ebooks and blog posts have been written for elevation 6225, a high-end remodel company in Truckee, CA.  (Shared with permission--Links coming soon!!!)


> Tahoe Remodeling 101 eBook Series: The Kitchen Remodel <

This eBook covers finding a designer,  budgeting for a kitchen remodel, popular local design trends, and choosing materials & supplies.

> Tahoe Remodeling 101 eBook Series: The Bathroom Remodel <

In the Bathroom Remodel eBook, I discuss how to turn the bathroom into a luxurious escape, as well as things to think about when designing a powder room, guest bathroom, and kid's bathroom.

> Tahoe Remodeling 101 eBook Series: Additions and Conversions* <

The Additions and Conversion eBook discusses all the considerations of ADUs, as well as basement conversions and bump-outs.  
(*This eBook is a WIP as it's waiting for a graphic designer to add photos.)

> Tahoe Remodeling 101 eBook Series: Design** <  

This eBook covers design trends popular in the Tahoe-Truckee region, as well as things to consider when designing a living room, kitchen, backyard and bathroom.  
(**This eBook was co-written; I wrote the last eight chapters.)

Blog Posts

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