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Financial White Papers
This white paper explains why diversification is the bedrock to lucrative investing.  It outlines diversification strategies, explains what a well-diversified portfolio looks like, and discusses some downsides to diversification.

This white paper introduces the stock market to a woman who's an inexperienced investor.  It explains why the stock market is an integral part of a lucrative investment strategy, and defines basic stock terms.

This white paper introduces peer-to-peer lending to new investors.  It covers the history of peer-to-peer lending and explains the lending process for an investor, including the returns to expect and the risks involved.

Home Remodel ebooks
This ebook covers all aspects of the kitchen remodel, including finding a designer, budgeting, popular local design trends, and choosing materials & supplies.

This Bathroom Remodel ebook discusses how to turn the bathroom into a luxurious escape.  It also covers planning and budgeting for a bathroom remodel and special considerations for the powder room, guest bathroom and kid's bathroom.

The Additions and Conversion ebook looks at all facets of adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) onto a home.  It also discusses basement conversions and bump-outs. (This ebook is a work-in-process as it's waiting for a graphic designer to add photos.)

This ebook discusses design trends in the Tahoe-Truckee region, covering the living room, kitchen, backyard, entrance and bathroom.  This ebook was co-written; I wrote the last eight chapters.

Home Remodel Blog Posts

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