Is It Just Me, or Are the Lies Getting Bigger and Bolder?

We know they are lying
they know they are lying,
they know we know they are lying, 
we know they know we know they are lying,
but they are still lying.
~Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn

I'm finding it remarkable just how overt the government propaganda has become these past twenty months. It's so easy to see through, it's like they aren't even making an effort any more to disguise the lies as truth.

Here are two incidents that illustrate what I'm saying.

Trucker Convoy

In his January 31st address from an undisclosed location, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks of the Trucker Convoy who've just arrived in Ottawa to demand a repeal of the vaccine mandates.

Trudeau left Ottawa for this undisclosed location the moment the trucker convoy arrived into town.  He's not intimidated by them, however, he informed us in a tweet.  
I have chosen to not go anywhere near protests that express hateful rhetoric, violence toward fellow citizens and a disrespect not just of science but of the frontline health workers and the 90% of truckers who have been doing the right thing to keep Canadians safe, to put food on our tables.

Social media is littered with on-the-ground footage of the Trucker Convoy. And so we are easily able to juxtapose Trudeau's depiction of the protests with boots on the ground experience.

Let's see what some of that hated and violence toward fellow citizens looks like.

This definitely looks like hateful rhetoric to me!  

A YouTuber who goes by “Wheelburner” traveled with the Convoy from Toronto and recorded several videos of his experience. In this video, we see friendly, mellow volunteers in Toronto who have coordinated massive amounts of supplies for the convoy. And women handing out pizzas as well.

"These are all volunteers lined up here," he says in the video.  "They're getting ready, as the convoy pulls out, they are going to hand the drivers anything we need.  I've seen everything here but fuel.  And I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere down the line there's a fuel truck...
if you need supplies they're giving it to ya."
After traveling with the convoy for a day or so, here is how he describes his impressions of the movement:

This is from me, from what I see, this is how it makes me feel, what's on my heart: what is happening here is not just a trucker event...but what it is about is the mandates. Let's face it, it's about the mandates. We as a nation are just tired. We have been mandated to death. We're not talking about vaxxd people, non-vaxxed people. If you go through this whole convoy....it's a mix of vaxxed, unvaxxed...what it is, is everybody is uniting.

I saw some of the coolest stuff tonight between the French, all the Quebecers that are in, and everything that is going on...and it's just been a peaceful party and a good time. It seems like the whole country has convened here, it's not just the truck divers. And it's just that we have been mandated to death. And everybody has decided this is enough, we have had enough, we're getting together and we're uniting.

People are tired of not being able to go to the movies, to go on vacation unless you're double vaxxed. They're just tired of not being able to go to a restaurant and sit and eat unless you're double vaxxed. They are tired. The country is just tired. The cross border mandate with the truckers was the last straw. Everything else was building up. The mandates for this, the mandates for that.

And here's three hours of footage from YouTuber Viva Frei, walking through Ottawa on Monday. All of it entirely peaceful. 

In all these various accounts, and many others I'm not recounting here (as I said, social media is littered with videos) I've seen friendliness, generosity, patriotism, pride, and exuberance. People waving. Men praying the Our Father in a bar together in Ottawa. Nothing that comes close to Trudeau's description of hateful rhetoric, violence, and disrespect toward science.

As Wheelburner says, it's simply that they're over it. All the mandates, I mean.

Trudeau's account is such a bald-faced lie, it feels like someone walking into a corner grocery store in the middle of the day, looking the owner in the eye, and then stealing basketful of groceries and then walking out.

I'm stunned by it.


And here's another such lie, one that we're all pretty familiar with by now. Maybe you're fatigued with the ivermectin debate, but here is a tweet from the FDA, anyhow:

Again, this overt implication that ivermectin is for horses, not humans, coming from a government agency, is just stunning.

Ivermectin is less harmful than Tylenol. People have been taking it for decades now. As Dr. Pierre Kory said, in his address to the senate in December of 2020: 

3.7 billion doses (of ivermectin) have been administered since it was developed in 1987. Over 60% of Sub-Sahara Africa takes it on a yearly basis. It has an unparalleled safety profile with almost no side effects.

Although I'm certainly not excusing the FDA, I'll suggest a probable motive behind this lie. The evidence supporting ivermectin in early treatment is irrefutable. At this point there are dozens of systematic reviews and meta analyses saying it's effective. Yet, once the FDA acknowledges that ivermectin is a viable alternative to the vaccine, then it must rescind its EUA, as on page 3 the EUA states that it can only be issued so long as there isn't any other treatment available.

The FDA is caught between a rock and a hard place: it either acknowledges
the ivermectin studies and rescinds the EUA,
or disregards them, and continues to push the vaccine.  

An so, backed into a corner, the FDA has responded with a brute force: “This is how it is. Whether or not it's true doesn't matter.” (A response, I might add, that completely disregards the lifesaving benefits of ivermectin.)

But I mean c'mon! Ivermectin is for horses? Couldn't they do better than that?

What Do They Take Us For?

We're being taken for fools here. 

Or is it something else—are they communicating something like: “We’re so powerful, we can lie right into your face and get away with it.”? 

These lies remind me of a really brazen crow who doesn't even wait for you to step away from the picnic table before swooping down to steal your hot dog. He just steals it right from your own hand.

9/11, when you think about it, was very much in the same vein: sell the masses on some utterly fantastic narrative that's easily refuted simply through observation and common sense.

But somehow the lies are feeling more commonplace now. It's almost like it's the way they roll. 

Does this deception feel more overt to you than it has in the past?


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