The Communist Revolution is in Our Midst

Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall!” 

Just over two years after Reagan spoke these famous words in West Germany, the Berlin Wall crumbled.  The dissolution of the USSR two years later in 1991 propagated the belief that the West had delivered communism a lethal blow and purged its philosophy from Europe and America.   

The unfortunate reality is that communism, although officially “rejected” and “dismantled” in the West, is nevertheless very much entrenched in American society and has been for decades.

And while in days gone by its influence was perhaps covert and obscure, in recent years it's right in our faces.

Going Way Back

"The Great Experiment" Americans pride themselves on; a Constitutional Republic where our rights cannot be taken from us by government or majority opinion; has shown signs of rot and decay going back a hundred years.  

Whittaker Chamber's Witness

In 1952 Whittaker Chambers published Witness, recounting his work as a spy for the Communist Party in Baltimore in the 30s, and the famous Alger Hiss Trial (where Hiss vehemently denied Chamber's accusations that he was a Communist, in the face of overwhelming evidence). 

As a defected Communist Party member, Chambers offered penetrating insight into the communist mentality and its seep into the United States government. 

In Witness, he writes:

“Experience has convinced me communism is a form of totalitarianism, its triumph means slavery to men…and spiritual night to the human mind and soul.” 1 

I perceived that the Communists were much more firmly embedded in Government that I had supposed, and that any attempt to disclose or dislodge was enormously complicated by the political situation in which they were parasitic...every move against Communists was felt by the Liberals as a move against themselves.” 1 

(The purpose of my testimony is to) help make Americans recognize at last that they are at grips with a secret, sinister and enormously powerful force whose tireless purpose is their enslavement.” 1 

The whole aggressive mood of Communism, which had been mine for years, now came to my aid against the Communist Party.  Its mood had been: there is almost nothing that is impossible if the imagination is bold enough to block it out and the will resolute enough to carry it through.” 1 

These passages, written by a Communist insider way back in 1952 makes it difficult to conclude that communism is merely a bogeyman or external threat.  No, Chamber's account rather portrays a Communist Party well-entrenched within the US government and determined to realize its heinous revolution.  Chambers affirms that the objectives of all Communists--be they Chinese or Russian--are one and the same. 1


A Private Central Bank

Witness isn't the only evidence of decades-long communist influence in our country. 

The ten planks of Marx's Communist Manifesto include: 

  - a Heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

  -  Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.

The creation of a central private bank in 1913, the Federal Reserve, fulfilled both these planks. 

After its creation, the government “of the people” owed interest to the owners of the Fed, forcing citizens to pay income taxes to private bank owners.  (Who, then, does the government really serve?  The people or these private bank owners?) 

Communist Parasite

And so we can see, to use Chamber's word, Communist Party members and the communist ideology have been parasites on the United States for over 100 years, slowly yet fixedly eating away at our Constitution, rights, culture. 

The Here and Now

Which brings us to the present day.  Where do we see a totalitarian communist agenda at work in the world today?  Well, as it turns out, pretty much everywhere.  (I'm writing this in January of 2021; things are moving so quickly this will soon sound dated.) 

World-Wide Chinese Communist Party Infiltration

From a data leak she received in December 2020, “The Australian” journalist Sharri Markson reports that 200 million Chinese Communists work at companies, universities, banks and government agencies worldwide. 

The database revealed the individual's position within the Communist Party and the chain of command; the CP has central hubs within the institutions that report to the CP in China and President Xi.  Infiltrated companies include Pfizer, Boeing, Volkswagen, HSBC. 

Chamber's claim of a CP "firmly embedded" within our society was dead on.  And it certainly can push its weight around with this kind of clout! 

It would naturally follow, then, that this Communist Revolution of worldwide enslavement would be playing itself out before our eyes. 

As indeed it has been, writ large. 

CCP Bioweapon Causes Seismic Shift

The treachery the China Virus has inflicted need hardly be described, as we're all living through it.  Small businesses shutter, while corporations double in value.  “For our safety”, governors across the nation have enforced lockdowns, isolating a race designed for socialization--and not coincidentally, 2020 saw the most overdose deaths ever in a 12-month period.  

Plus, they've whipped out a vaccine at a dangerously rapid pace (vaccines generally take over a decade to create), and threaten to severely restrict travel for those who choose not to take it. 

Is this pandemic simply one of those uglier things Mother Nature inflicts on us from time to time?  That's looking pretty unlikely.  Independent research from scientists Dr. Quay and Dr. Li-Meng Yan, as well as declassified US intelligence all corroborate that the covid virus originated in a lab in Wuhan, not from bats or snakes at a wet market, as they originally had us believe. 

To quote everyone's favorite host, speaking on his show last week: 

"It would almost be a conspiracy theory to think it didn't start in the lab."  Bill Maher 

Additionally, these Chinese Communists overtly pushed to disseminate the virus to the rest of the rest of world.  Brian Kennedy reports in Imprimis:

We know with certainty that after the virus began spreading in Wuhan in the fall of 2019, the Chinese government closed down flights from Wuhan, which is in Hubei province, to the rest of China.  At the same time, it allowed flights from Wuhan to continue to go to Europe and to the U.S.—where the Chinese knew with certainty that the virus would spread.

This scenario: lab-generated virus, created by the Communist Party, and deliberately spread throughout the country, recalls another line from Witness

The Communist Party exists for the specific purpose of overthrowing the Government, at the opportune time, by any and all means; and each of its members...is dedicated to this purpose. 1 

Schwab Calls for a Great Reset

As if the totalitarianism inflicted on us by the Wuhan Virus weren't lucid enough, last June the Big Cheeses explicitly called for a worldwide seismic shift, citing their bioweapon as the justification. 

"The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit any more for the 21st century.  In short, we need a great reset."  Chairman Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum in June of 2020.

They've created the problem and are whipping out the solution.  It's like a thief breaking into your home and the next day selling you a security system. 

Children Raised By the State

Communism sees children as property of the state, and increasingly this philosophy has seeped into state schools. Blue states, including Washington, California, and New York have passed comprehensive sexual education bills, mandating the state teach children about sexuality.

In counseling and instructing students, schools deliberately squeeze the parent out of the equation.  In her book Irreversible Damage, Abigail Shrier cites how schools facilitate gender transition treatment for girls while, as a policy, keeping it secret from the girl's parents!  (I would be so pissed if my daughter received testosterone injections without my knowledge or consent--and this is happening a LOT.  And it's LEGAL!!!)

Really Bad Political Theater

And I cannot fail to mention (with relish) that totally bizarre Presidential transition that rolled out with such poorly staged and directed theater there's no way all the producers in Hollywood weren't doubling over in laughter. 

I'm talking about the Capitol Hill “massacre” on Jan 6th, the subsequent 30,000+ troops in DC, all of the barbed wire surrounding the Capitol at this moment (like it's under imminent threat of an insurrectionist attack), and the flags covering the National Mall on Inauguration Day to conceal that none of Biden's 85 million voters would be making it out.

Yes, something's definitely afoot.

Clarity with GameStop: The Boot on the Neck

Just in case it weren't already really, really clear that we're the serfs to an elite power, January's GameStop super-surge hit us over the head with it one more time. 

When a small group of investors in the Reddit group WallStreetBets caused the price of GameStop (GME) to surge 400% on January 27th, (opening at $354 versus $88 the day before), hedge funds were forced to close their large volumes of GME short positions, and they lost billions.  

The Redditors showed no sign of abating the bull run, with calls for "HOLD, MotherF*^#@!*, HOLD!!!" smattering the rapidly-expanding, overnight sensation group. 

In reaction, as a measure to prevent further losses to the billionaires, the following day RobinHood, Citadel and Schwab halted buying on GameStop, and related stocks!!!   

Notice how they didn't step in and change the rules, mid-game, when the little guy's IRAs collapsed back in 2008 due to the mortgage crisis and subsequent market crash?

Mike Cernovich had a great analysis of this event in his January 30th interview with Steve Bannon:

This is right in our faces now.  We are the indentured servitude class....Ok, you can live, you can eat some processed food, you can watch cable tv, maybe if you're lucky you can get an iPhone.  That's all you're gonna get though.  You've never going to own a house, a company.  You've never going to trade against Wall Street and win.

Is the Warning Just Around the Corner?

Yes, it's abundantly clear: the communist bogeyman is no longer hiding under our beds.  He's crawled out and has invaded every corner of our country and world. 

In her apparitions at Garabandal, the BVM told the four visionaries that the Warning would take place when the “spirit of communism” returned to the world. (The Warning is a great event wherein every person on the planet will have his life revealed to him, in light of his transgressions against God.  Read more about it here.) 

In Matthew 16:3, Jesus tells us to discern the signs of the times, and it's fair to conclude that this period Our Lady is referencing may well be upon us. 

Notice she calls it the “spirit” of communism, so we needn't anticipate an explicit return, but more of a return to the philosophy and principles of communist rule. 

Given this transition-phase we find ourselves in, the question naturally emerges: will the government pull, as my friend likes to call it, a jack move?  Or is the takeover more like the frog in boiling in water, where death comes gradually and not at one moment? 

I vote for one moment of decisive takeover; a “great reset” as the elites themselves called for.  In order to convince the masses that the shift is necessary for the safety of us all, the elites will probably stage a heinous false-flag event, much like they did with 9-11.  Given the rapidity of events, the CCP probably attempt their wrest “soon” (again, that cryptic word!).

And so in turn, it's entirely feasible, though of course not certain, that the Warning will occur shortly thereafter; and so even as soon as sometime this decade.

As Amos called for back in 800 BC: 

Prepare to meet your God, oh Israel!!!

Posted on February 11th, 2021

1 Witness, Whittaker Chambers. Pgs 541, 473, 542, 60, 497, 542


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