What is the Warning?

Multitudes upon Multitudes in the Valley of Decision.” Joel 4:14

Called God's greatest act of mercy since the Incarnation, the Warning is a moment that even the Angels tremble before. 

During the Warning, every person on earth, at the same moment, will see his or her entire life play before their eyes, and will understand all the times they failed to love the people God placed in their lives, and the consequences of this lack of love.  It will coincide with a spectacular natural event, causing the sun to darken momentarily. 

I've met two people who've experienced this Illumination of Conscience, and they intimated it was a lot to palate in the space of fifteen or so minutes. 

Why Would I Think Something So Bizarre Would Happen?

Good question.  Of course I do not know for certain if or when the Warning will take place.  However, many Saints, visionaries, and even (IMO, anyway) one celebrity have predicted the Warning. 

Edward Campion, in the 16th century, envisioned: 

"A great day, not wherein any temporal potentate should minister, but wherein the Terrible Judge should reveal all men's consciences and try every man of each kind of religion. This is the day of change, this is the great day which I threatened; comfortable to the well-believing, and terrible to all heretics."  Edward Campion: A Biography by Richard Simpson, pg. 298

In Garabandal, Spain in the 1960s, the Blessed Virgin appeared to several girls and explained the Warning to them in great detail. 

And in his poem The Great Event, Leonard Cohen (arguably) also references the Warning: 

It's going to happen very soon
The great event, which will end the horror
Which will end the sorrow
Next Tuesday when the sun goes down

I will play the Moonlight Sonata backwards
This will reverse the effects of the world's mad plunge
Into suffering, for the last 200 million years

What a lovely night that would be
What a sigh of relief
As the senile robins
Become bright red again
And the retired nightingales
Pick up their dusty tails
And assert the Majesty of Creation

Yes, as Cohen suggests, the Warning will initially bring about great peace, joy, and reconciliation between families, friends and communities.  God will bind the devil in hell and we'll see each other face to face and for a few brief moments experience paradise.

This time will be brief.  Just weeks after the Warning, the thief will return once again to steal, kill and destroy, alluring, tragically, many away from accepting this Immense Grace from their God. 

For a more thorough explanation of the Warning, who has predicted it and what exactly will happen during it, I recommend the writings & talks given by Christine Watkins

Why is God Doing This?

In Isiah 55:8, God informs us that we really cannot understand his thoughts or His ways, and so none of us can entirely explain the Warning.    

However, we do know from scripture that He wants His people to choose to be with Him in Heaven (1 Timothy 2:4).  He won't interfere with the free will He's given to us, however.  With the Warning, He's explicitly showing our faults to us, in order to provide us a road-map towards an eternity with Him in paradise!

That is to say, our REACTION to the grace of this Warning will be crucial: God hopes we'll seek reconciliation for all our faults and convert to living more completely in His Will. 

The Warning is a bit like the Sodom and Gomorrah story from the Genesis: God can see His Creation has lost its way, and He's trying to rescue those who choose to return to Him, before He judges the world.

Sodom and Gomorrah by John Martin, 1852

When Will The Warning Take Place?

In Garabandal, Spain, when the BVM appeared to four girls in the 1960s, she told them the Warning would happen “soon” (a very relative term in the spiritual realm), and more specifically that it would take place after communism RETURNED to the world.

Conchita, one of the girls, said this: 

"When communism comes again everything will happen...Yes, when it newly comes again...When the spirit of communism rises up again, spearheaded by the Globalists, it will bring about another revolution, this time worldwide."    Garabandal-The Finger of God by Albrecht Weber

So at the time Conchita spoke these words—the 1960s--communism was still very much alive in Europe.  However, it was “stamped out” in the 90s with the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall (although of course it's remained alive and well in China). 

And so, we can expect the Warning to take place when communism "newly" returns to Europe the rest of the world. 

This naturally begs the question: does communism loom?  I think it does, as I've laid out in this blog post.

And so in turn, it’s entirely feasible, (though of course not certain), that the Warning will occur shortly thereafter, and so even as soon as sometime this decade

As the prophet Amos wrote back in the 8th Century BC: 

“Prepare to meet your God, oh Israel”!!!