Is it Safe? The Experts Wax Poetic About Vaccine, Covid & Mandates

Alarm bells rang across the nation last Thursday, following Biden's address to the nation.  Hillybilly Elegy author and Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance called for mass civil disobedience, sparking the #DoNotComply hashtag to trend on Twitter, governors called parts of the speech unconstitutional, and 22 states plan to sue Biden. 

What did Biden say, exactly?  He pitted the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, claimed the vaccines are safe and that mass vaccination is the ONLY solution to the pandemic.  Vaccination is the right thing to do.  Doctors who contradict his narrative are conspiratorial.  He'll sign an executive order mandating the vaccination to all federal workers.  Private businesses with over 100 employees must require vaccinations or weekly testing.  Biden vows to overstep any governors who stand in his way (say WHAT?).  Additionally, he advocates the vaccination of children over 12, and encourages further research for younger kids. 

For the vast majority of you who have gotten vaccinated, I understand your anger at those who haven’t gotten vaccinated...We’ve made vaccinations free, safe, and convenient...We've been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.  And your refusal has cost all of us.  This is not about freedom and personal choice.  It's about protecting those around you...The safest thing for your child 12 and older is to get them vaccinated...My plan also takes on elected officials and states that are undermining you and these lifesaving actions.  If these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as President to get them out of the way.

In breaking down Biden's assertions and mandates, it's abundantly clear these alarm bells are merited.  For a Catholic, the situation calls for civil disobedience.  

So let's do just that.  Break Biden down, I mean.

Quack Doctors

It's curious Biden would write off as conspiracy theorists the doctors who challenge his 'get vaccinated, it's perfectly safe' mantra, as they're amongst the finest and most accomplished doctors in the world. 

Over a range of criteria, they really take Biden to task.  They include: 

Dr. Bhakdi Sucharit 

Dr. Sucharit is a medical microbiologist.  He served as the chair of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Mainz in Germany for 22 years.  He's taught medical microbiology, virology, immunology, and parasitology for 30 years, and is published in all these disciplines. 

‪Dr. Ryan Cole‬ 

Dr. Ryan Cole is a board certified anatomical and clinical pathologist, trained at the Mayo Clinic, with a sub-specialty in skin pathology.  He's an expert in immunilogy and viology, and one of his board certifications, clinical pathology, involves virology.  He runs full a service laboratory in Idaho and has treated patients for the last 18 years from Florida to California and is licensed in 12 states. 

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko 

Dr. Zelenko is a board certified family practitioner in Orange County, New York.  His team has treated 6,000 covid patients with covid.  They include President Trump, Rudy Guliani, Yaakov Litzman (the Health Minister of Israel), President Bolsonaro of Brazil.

Dr. Pierre Kory 

Dr. Kory is a Pulmonary and Critical Care Doctor, who serves as the president and co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance

Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology, and a licensed physician in Maryland.

Dr. Bret Weinstein

Dr. Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist and host of the Dark Horse Podcast.

Steve Kirsch

Steve Kirsch is executive director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund, and a frequent contributor to Trial Site News.

In this iconic scene from Marathon Man, Lawrence Olivier drills into Dustin Hoffman as he grills "is it safe?"

Is it Safe?

This is a line we all need to be stealing from Lawrence Olivier, and repeating like a mantra as we parse through vaccine information and attempt to make sense of it all.  

Biden assures us it is.  Let's see if the experts agree. 

A Dry Run

The doctors concur that the vaccine is an experiment, at best.  In their own words:

Gene based vaccines have never been used on humans before.  So what we’re witnessing now are human experiments. Experiments.  On.  Humans.  The amazing point—if you want to do animal experiment in the US, you have to file an application for this, you have to put the whole case on paper, pages and pages…then you have a committee who goes through every word and in the end they will say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Now what have we seen here?  Experiments on thousands and thousands of humans in the world, that have not gone through ANY examination as to if they may be dangerous to you.  Dr. Bhakdi Sucharit 

We call these vaccines, but they clearly are using off the term investigational vaccines.  And we are asking people to be subjects in an experiment on humanity.  This is a large phase 3 trial.  Dr. Ryan Cole

Everyone who is getting these vaccines is part of an experiment that we are running—that is actually wildly over-generous to say because for it to be an experiment, we would have to systematically collect data on what happened to them, and in fact our systematic system isn’t so systematic….it’s voluntary reporting with stigma attached.  Dr. Bret Weinstein 

There haven’t been any mRNA vaccines in other creatures.  We are the first creatures that it’s been tried to.  Dr. Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine 

In conclusion?  By the very definition of "experiment", we cannot know at the onset if the vaccines are safe.  That's the discovery we're about to make.  Now where did Biden clarify this in his speech? 

When Will We Know if it's Safe?

As Dr. Weinstein pointed out, the rollout of this experimental vaccine in no way follows the protocol of scientific method.  So, in a sense, the real answer is: NEVER!!! 

However, the doctors have commented on the effects they're currently seeing, and long-term effects it's feasible they may see. 

We do not know the long-term side effects.  We usually don’t see those for 2, 3, 4, 5 years. 

As a hardcore scientist, I’m not political, I look at data, and when I look at data, I’m already seeing the adverse affects to these shots in a laboratory setting....I'm seeing an uptick of herpes family virus, shingles, mono, a huge uptick in human papilloma virus.  What it tells me is that the immune status of these individuals who got the shot is weakened.  We’re seeing a 200x increase in young men in inflammation of the heart above the baseline; what we’d see in North America.  Once your heart is damaged, it’s damaged for a lifetime.  Your heart cells don’t grow back.  Dr. Ryan Cole

Reproductive risks don't always manifest in the first generation.  I don't mean to scare, but I do mean to speak honestly and with integrity.  The honest position is: if you were to ask me: 'do you know what the reproductive consequences are?'  I have to tell you; 'No I don't because we don't have the data.' 

And if you then asked me; 'Have there been any examples in the past of reproductive effects of agents in female's reproductive tissue that were not anticipated by the animal model testing?'  I would have to say  'Yes, there is'.  Doctor Malone

The D-word

And what about the D-word that the White House has been mute on? And that Biden glossed over when he informed the nation that the vaccines were perfectly safe?  How many people have actually died from the vaccine? 

According to VAERS; Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System, at the publication of this blog post, over 14,506 people have died from the vaccine!  

In this excellent video, Steve Kirsch points out that VAERS compiles its data from voluntary reports, so the actual number of deaths is much higher.  And that normally a trial vaccine is immediately STOPPED after 250 deaths!  

Wow.  This perfectly safe vaccine has actually caused so many deaths that it should trigger a STOP per standard vaccine protocols.  

I guess what Biden meant to say is, outside of the 14,506 who have died from the vaccine at the time of his speech (a conservative number), and those who are and will be experiencing adverse effects, it's perfectly safe. 

The ONLY Solution?  Really?!?

Biden emphatically claims that the vaccine is the only real solution to ending the pandemic.  The doctors, armed with scientific studies and boots-on-the ground experience, do not concur. 

Dr. Perry spoke eloquently before the Senate in December of 2020, pleading for the use of ivermectin for prophylactic and early covid treatment. 

I am speaking on behalf of the organization that I am part of. We are a group of some of the most highly published physicians in the world.  We have 2,000 peer reviewed publications among us. 

There is a drug that is proving to be of miraculous impact. That is based on mountains of data that have emerged in the last three months. 

How can we tell when something is working?  There is only one answer to that: one of the central tenants of science, you need a control group.  You need a group comprobable to those you treat, and those you don’t treat.  We now have 11 randomized controlled trials.  Every one one of those trials shows in the ivermectin treated group, lives are saved, there is less need for hospitalization, less case counts.  We have the data. 

Ivermectin should be the standard of care for this based on these data.  3.7 billion doses have been administered since it was developed since 1987, over 60% of sub-Sahara Africa takes it on a yearly basis.  It has an unparalleled safety profile with almost no side effects….You cannot come up with a credible argument to not use it.

Dr. Ryan Cole corroborates

Some of these earliest treatment medications are the safest medicines on the plant.  One of them has been around what, four decades?  The other almost seven decades...and we have foolish physicians saying, 'oh, I need a placebo trial' and really it’s: 'look: it’s a sugar pill if it doesn’t work, a lifesaver if it does.'  And we're ignoring real science because out of 19,000 patients and studies on ivermectin and 26, 29 randomized controlled trials, there is a one in four quadrillion chance that this medication does not have an effect in improving the outcomes in Sars covid-2. ‬

Dr. Zelenko, at the beginning of the outbreak, treated thousands of patients in Orange County, NY.  In this video, at the beginning of the outbreak (March 2020) he had this to say

I'm seeing a tremendous outbreak in this community.  My estimates are more than 60% currently have covid.  I have been treating them with hydroxychlorquine, the other with the vitamin zinc in the pre-hospital setting.  The idea is to keep them from the hospital because we are running low on respirators.  I'm seeing tremendous positive results, I have not sent any patients to the hospital yet, even through I have treated hundreds already. 

How Bizarre

It beggars belief that with so much expertise, data and scientific studies, Biden would really claim that an experimental vaccine is the only solution to ending the pandemic. 

Dr. Bret Weinstein highlights this suspicious behavior:

Our policy is, despite all the data, if you come into my hospital and you’ve got all the signs and symptoms and a PCR diagnosis, the ER tells you, 'I’m sorry, Mrs. Smith…..you need to go home and incubate'….without giving you a drug that would undoubtedly make you better.  We are behaving in a way that propagates the pandemic.  The behavior is bizarre. 

Perhaps concealing this solution in plain sight gets at something Doctor Cole said (he is referencing page 3 of the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization for Vaccines to Prevent Covid-19): 

‪ If there were a treatment for this virus, they cannot have authorization for these vaccines.  Period. 

Was the vaccine where they wanted to get us to all along?


Biden's telling us to get our twelve-year-olds vaccinated, and encouraging research into vaccinating younger children.  The doctors, on the other hand, unequivocally, emphatically, vehemently stressed the pointlessness and danger of dispensing this vaccine to children.

Regarding children: the only reason you would treat a child is if you believe in child sacrifice.  Otherwise, there is no necessity.  Anytime you evaluate any therapeutic, you need to look at it from 3 perspectives: it is safe, does it work, and do you need it?  There has to be a medical necessity.  You look at the CCD, the statistics for children under the age of 18, there is a 99.9% survival rate with no treatment.....if you have a demographic that has no risk of dying, why would you inject them with a poison death shot?  Dr. Zelenko

‪Don’t let your child near these shots.  Again, we don’t know long-term effects: auto-immune, cancer, fertility.  Any university that is mandating these for their children, that is criminal.  These young healthy individuals are at no risk for death for this virus. ‬ Dr. Ryan Cole 

If there’s more risk, then the people who get no benefit really shouldn’t be involved.  Kids should not take it, because they are fairly well protected against covid.  Dr. Weinstein

Given that it's experimental, we don't know the effects, and it's totally unnecessary, it's really so, so sick that Biden would advocate children receive this vaccine--even those under the age of 11! 

It's Just the Right Thing To Do

Biden says the vaccine is so fundamental to being a decent human being that the vaccinated are entirely justified targeting righteous anger at the unvaccinated. 

The doctors say contraire mon frère.  And that in fact, it's unethical at best to mandate an experimental vaccine without knowing and disclosing the full risks. 

In their own words: 

There are three fundamental principles in Western bioethics: full and complete disclosure of risks, enduring comprehension of risks of those who will be taking the product, and willing consent.  Dr. Malone

‪We need to be hyper cautious about what we’re doing...to coerce someone into an experiment in order to keep gainful employment...it’s a violation of all medical ethics.  This is pure malfeasance.  It’s immunologically illogical to do something of this sort...we’re doing something that’s anti-science. ‬ Dr. Ryan Cole

Wake up.  This is WWIII.  This is a level of malevolence or malfeasance that we have not seen probably in the history of humanity.  There is zero justification for using this death shot. Dr. Zelenko 

A Catholic Response 

Is the vaccine really safe, the exclusive solution to the pandemic, and the upright thing to do?  The analysis provided by these doctors make Biden's claims flat and unconvincing at best.

How does a Catholic respond? 

With respect to human experimentation, the Catechism states:

Experimentation on human beings is not morally legitimate if it exposes the subject's life...to avoidable risks. Experimentation on human beings does not conform to the dignity of the person if it takes place without the informed consent of the subject.  (2295)

On the current US stage, many are taking the experimental vaccine simply to keep their job.  That's coercion, not consent.  Additionally, as the doctors have made clear: we cannot be entirely informed of the dangers because the dangers are not yet known, nor are they being systematically or scientifically studied.  However, we do know from the VAERS database that one possible side effect of the vaccine is death.  

Per the catechism, then, this experimental vaccine isn't morally legitimate.  

The Catechism further states:

The citizen is obliged in conscience not to follow the directives of civil authorities when they are contrary to the demands of the moral order, to the fundamental rights of persons or the teaching of the Gospel.  Refusing obedience to civil authorities, when their demands are contrary to those of an upright conscience, finds its justification in the distinction between serving God and serving the political community.  (2242) 

Given that the vaccine isn't morally legitimate, a Catholic is entirely justified—no, really obligated—to oppose  civil authorities with respect to the vaccine and vaccine mandates.  It's entirely opposed to the dignity we possess as children made in the likeness and image of God. 

What form will this civil disobedience take?  It remains to be seen, but we're certainly witnessing a strong initial response.

And You?

What is your experience with the vaccine?  Are you comfortable with being the subject in medical experiment?     


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