Fed Up With Vaccine Bullies? Here's How I Took the Heat

Two days ago, quite out of the blue, while bicycling to return a wallet someone had dropped on the side of the road, I was bludgeoned across the head with a 2x4—in the form of a 1,000 word (yes, it really was that long) text from my sister. 

The message included phrases like “shame on you, you need to get the vaccine.  You’re a conspiracy theorist, and that’s why you’re not getting the vaccine.  And of course my telling you to take it won’t get you to take it because you’re so stupid.” 

This text came as a total non-sequitur; our last conversation was maybe six months ago about her camping trip and photos from my trip to Kenya.  She and I NEVER talk.  Nor have I discussed with anyone in my family my position on the vaccine.  So I’m not entirely certain what triggered her.  Nor can I fathom how she "knows" why I'm not getting the vaccine. —Without concluding the woman thinks she can read minds. 

And she’s accusing ME of being irrational. 

Conflict Resolved 

I am rather proud of the way I handled it.  Although I was hurt and triggered, I simply said that my tolerance for abusive language was nonexistent, that I didn’t want her unsolicited advice, and that if she didn’t apologize we’d be parting ways for the next decade or so. 

And by the next day, I had her on her knees, acknowledging how totally bizarre and inappropriate her text really was.  However, even in her apology, she continued to say that I “really needed” to get the vaccine!

Lost in the Sauce

After mulling on it, what struck me most about my sister is how totally asocial and borderline her behavior was: ad hominem attacks and parsing out unsolicited advice even when explicitly asked her not to.  Plus, the text was a non-sequitur in the first place!

Perhaps we're simply seeing more of the deranged, tolerant liberal: the person who's love for all of humanity informs all of their political beliefs, and who fume with hatred at the billions who don't agree with their tolerant view points. 

But this feels an entirely new beast.  The fury is almost palpable.  Like I said, the text felt like a physical attack. 

This woman certainly isn’t alone.  Just the other day, a friend more civilly informed me that the “vaccine isn’t just about me”, and that “I’d better hope that I don’t get in a car accident” (because the hospitals are full, and it’s in part my own fault).  

And at a bbq earlier this summer, I met another woman who said her tolerance for all the selfish people who weren't getting the vaccine was non-existent.

If in my paltry social life I've come across three of these people, then certainly she represent a massive SWATH caught up in some group-think that wants 100% adherence to what THEY want, and who’ve demonized people who aren’t conforming. 

In this instance, they're unequivocally convinced that the vaccine is the RIGHT thing to do.  What will it be next? 

And I recalled an article from almost a year ago by CJ Hopkins, “The Covidian Cult":

So many people—people who are able to easily recognize totalitarianism in cults and foreign countries—cannot perceive the totalitarianism that is taking shape right now, right in front of their faces (or, rather, right inside their minds)….what we are up against is not a misunderstanding or a rational argument over scientific facts.  It is a fanatical ideological movement.  A global totalitarian movement…the first of its kind in human history. 

Slippery Slope

The situation really is quite scary, as it’s clear this totalitarian movement would gladly do whatever it takes to get the rest of us in line.  As they see it, anyone not taking the vaccine is a serial killer on the loose.  And so coercion and force are entirely justified. 

In his interview on August 11th, Sean Stone made the point:

This is an apartheid state that is being rolled out...it's based on your medical situation...There is no end to this, once you open that door and say, 'yes, the government has the right to tell me what to put in my body.'  So, next year it's going to be the next round of boosters."

And he poses a possible solution:  

Rather than fighting the system, why don't we create our own system?

“Pacts” of Three

This onslaught from my sister served as an epiphany for what we are up against in this coming decade or so.  

And I'm definitely not the only one taking the heat!  Neither of my unvaccinated friend's daughters will allow him into their homes, even when he travelled halfway across the world to see them.  Another friend, an RN, received an e-mail yesterday saying he'll have to go on unpaid leave since he refuses to take the vaccine.  (This friend has been caring for a 36-year-old man, formerly healthy, who's now completely paralyzed, all his muscles flaccid, after receiving the vaccine.  Yet he's being fired for refusing to take it!) 

This contingent, rife with asocial behavior, also has the MSM and, in large part, the federal government on its side. 

The attacks carry some weight, then, and will not let up any time soon.  Rather, they're more likely a harbinger for an enormous storm brewing, as we’ll likely be “mandated” to get boosters and entirely new vaccines.  And we'll experience similar attacks in other realms; after the Illumination, for example, the media will attempt to gaslight, shame, and hypnotize us to write it off as nonsense. 

This time, I faced this attack ALONE.  I do know people who are not getting the vaccine, but we aren’t exactly supporting each other in this decision.  (Is it something that people like to keep on the down-low, as so many did with their support for President Trump?)

And so I'll, too, pose a solution.  Ecclesiastes 4:12 says: 

Where a lone man can be overcome, two together can resist.  A three-ply cord is not easily broken.

As a means to find support and solidarity, then, in this decision to not take the vaccine, my objective for this next year is to find two other people who I know in real life (Twitter friends don’t count!) who also are not taking it.  And to form a bond with these two other people; to even let them know that I count on them for solidarity. 

I’ll let you know how this turns out, and where I find these two people!

What About You?

And how about you?  Have you experienced bullying, shaming, or coercion with respect to not taking the vaccine?  How do you respond? 


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