Cheap, Proven OTC Quick-Fixes for Covid-19

Welp I hope everyone had a “Nice Holiday” a.k.a. a Mery Christmas!!!

How have you been navigating this bizarre aftermath of department store returns, a return to “work,” and food comas from lingering cookie trays?

Mine has been spent knocking on the door every pharmacy and urgent care in town, begging, if someone would please find space for just a few more covid tests?

--Because two of us came down with colds, and even though this didn’t 🛑 a certain relative from entering Costco and grocery stores, this same relative insisted we ALL HAD TO GET TESTED because otherwise we had no choice but to lock ourselves up at home, unable to do anything at all.

Questionable line of thinking, but isn’t that the new normal into which covid has placed us? Some sort of suspended state where logic no longer has any bearing on how we make decisions and run our lives?

But anyway I did play along.

And ok, although I still don't know if I have omicron, right when I started having serious cold symptoms (waking up in the middle of the night with congestion), I whipped out my supply of Melatonin, Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin D & Vitamin C.

This has brought to my attention, however, that it's not common knowledge that these OTC drugs and vitamins are helpful in early treatment against covid.

The doctor told him to just rest, take honey and vitamins, and use light ibuprofen/Advil as needed. 

~ Steve Kirsch’s December 27th Substack

Rather, from these quotes, it sounds like people are still listening to their doctor's ridiculous and baseless recommendations, which allows covid to incubate inside them for days. 

So I'll just do a little PSA here and point out that you can dramatically reduce your risk of hospitalization and death for covid-19 with drugs and vitamins available at your local grocery store.

No, I didn't say that incorrectly. This pandemic could be resolved with OTC drugs and vitamins, including Vitamins A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, quercetin and zinc.  

This isn't based on anecdotal evidence, but rather on hundreds of studies performed on thousands of patients by scores of doctors, which show a dramatic decrease in death and hospitalization for patients who use these drugs in early treatment.

How can we tell when something is working? There is only one answer to that: one of the central tenants of science, you need a control group. You need a group comparable to those you treat, and those you don’t treat.

Dr. Pierre Kory, Senate Testimony in Dec of 2020

Why this information isn't yet common knowledge, being propagated by every physician and by every pundit across the planet is simply mind blowing.

But anyway, there you have it.

All the best to you in 2022~


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