Here's My “Red-Pilled” Story (What's Yours?)

I've been noticing on both Substack and Telegram an interest in sharing stories as to how we became red-pilled regarding this pandemic sham.

So I thought I'd share my story regarding why I decided not to get vaccinated, and how I was woken up to the “Big Lie.” This is a compilation of edited comments that I posted elsewhere.

Deciding Not to Get Vaccinated

I prayed about getting vaccinated in December of 2020, during a novena to the Immaculate Conception. The vaccines hadn't rolled out yet, but I could see there'd be immense social pressure to get one. I was unsure about them, but figured I'd capitulate, and told the BVM as much.

A few days after the novena, I had a dream where a voice said that I needed to be committed to not getting the vaccine.

It wasn't clear who spoke these words, but given that I'd just prayed about this issue, and given that the message was so coherent (and it was opposite to the decision I'd made myself), I decided that it came from God, or one of his messengers, and that I needed to listen to it.

And so I became firmly committed to not getting vaccinated, but I didn't have much of a reason other than “I think God doesn’t want me to and I don’t have a good feeling about it anyway.”

Waking Up to the Big Lie

Fast forward to about nine months later, when the vaccines had pretty much entirely rolled out, and anyone who wanted one of these safe and free and experimental mRNA vaccines could get one.

One totally random weekday, seemingly out of nowhere, my sister sent me a text saying that she'd heard I wasn't going to get vaccinated. I responded by saying that yes, she'd heard correctly, and that I didn't consider it to be any of her business, really.

That was enough to set her off. She responded with an IRATE, NASTY text in which she informed me I was irrational, dangerous to the elderly, too stupid to figure anything out, and should be ashamed of myself.

I was pretty stunned at her response. It felt almost like a physical attack, and I realized that I needed support to back up my decision. So I reached out to friends who weren’t getting vaccinated, and they sent me videos of Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and Dr. Bhakdi Sucharit. I kind of went down the rabbit hole after this, eventually discovering Steve Kirsch on the Dark Horse Podcast with Dr. Weinstein and Dr. Malone.

A penny dropped after I listened to Peter McCullough testify before the Texas senate on March 10th (I listened to it about five months later). He pointed out what a massive failure it was that we didn't a covid hotlines, and that rather, when people tested positive for covid, they were basically told to go home and incubate. I realized how odd that was, given our "all-in" fight to protect ourselves from covid.

Then I listened to Dr. Zelenko recount his experience back at the beginning of the pandemic in Orange County, New York (he was speaking to Israeli Health Ministers). He made the simple point that a doctor always has to ask if something is safe, if it's necessary, and if it's effective before prescribing it to a patient. The vaccine is a "no" to all of these questions.

Finally, after listening to Steve Kirsch on Trial Site News, I was 100% convinced this whole scenario was utterly fantastic. Kirsch pointed out how we're completely ignoring scientific method and protocol: the vaccine has no stopping conditions, even though it's experimental, we have systematic reviews that ivermectin works for treating covid (and so there's no reason for hospitals not to prescribe it), there's no double-blind randomized control trials that show we should wear masks, or that someone who's already had covid should get the vaccine, yet we're told to “follow the science” and do it anyway.

He explained VAERS, and how easy it is to read about vaccine deaths and injuries, and I saw how dangerous the vaccines really are. 

He also showed the www.c19early.com site, which lists all the repurposed drug studies done on covid patients. I realized that covid could be treated with over the counter drugs and vitamins! A mind-blowing realization. I now have quercetin, zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C & D in my cupboard. They cost about $60 total. 

Summing It Up

So there's my story, pretty much. I suppose it's probably much more complicated than this. Stories are simplifications, right? I mean, I’m 100% convinced that someone else watching those same videos wouldn’t have the epiphanies I had.

Maybe I should point out that I didn't trust the government much to begin with. I've known for years that their explanations for 9-11 and the JFK assassination were lies. So I kind of suspected that this pandemic was another of their whoppers, and I was just needing someone to fill in the details. Which these videos did. 

And looking back now, I see that my sister laying into me was like a frying pan hitting me across the head and forcing me to WAKE UP. She's normally a nice enough person, with decent social skills, and I saw that she'd been really, really radicalized. Some force had poured kerosine onto her anger and set it on fire. That made me go, “aw shit, something's really going ON here. This behavior isn't normal.”

So even though she was unhinged and mean as hell, it was probably a graced moment for me. She served as the catalyst for all of my Bitchute/Substack deep dives. Those started just over four months ago, and I'm AMAZED at all of the information I've ingested since then! I’m way more intellectually opposed to the vaccine than I was a year ago.

What's Your Story?

And that's my story.....what about yours? Are you opposed to this vaccine and the mandates and all the fear-porn they're dumping onto us? If so, what woke you up?

Or do you have another take entirely?


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